How much do you charge to upholster my ride?  All vehicles vary in price.  The best way to get an estimate is to text the year, make & model of your vehicle and specify how many seats you need to customize.  The estimate will be sent to you in writing.  

Do I need to take the seats out and bring them to you?  You may choose to remove your seats yourself and bring them to my shop or you may leave your car in my possession, and I will remove your seats at no extra charge. 

Can you fix a rip on seats?  We can! however, we have a long list to customize vehicles & you must wait on the list like everyone else.

Can you work on my vehicle first if I pay you extra?  Unfortunately, that is not an option.  I go thru my list in order. It’s a first come-first serve basis.  

If you finish a job early, could you work on my vehicle?  No.  If I finish a job early, the next person in line will take that place.

Do you give discounts to special club members?  Yes.  I randomly give discounts.  To learn more about offers and discounts please like our Facebook page.

Can you dye my leather? No.  I don’t dye seats.  

I own a car dealership/marina, could you give us a discount on upholstering our vehicles if we give you continuous work?  No, I am a custom interior business, not an upholstery shop; therefore, I work for the vehicle exhibitor and not looking to build outsourcing rapport.  

My seats have airbags in them, could you work on those too? No.  Airbags are a safety feature on your vehicle and if they aren’t reinstalled correctly, this could cause you your life.  I would not jeopardize that.  

What do you recommend for cleaning seats?  Zulema has a virtual shop where you can find all our recommended products for your specific material.  Click Z-Shop for more information.

Who is Zulema? My mommy!