Designer Seamstress
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  1. Study work orders to determine the amount and type of materials required to cover work pieces
  2. Follow sketches, patterns or blueprints to indicate cutting lines on fabrics using chalks, pencils or paint
  3. Measure and cut materials using manual or automated cutting instruments
  4. Confer with customers prior to upholstery to determine their color, style, and fabric preferences
  5. Apply their knowledge of upholstery to build or repair seats using a variety of hand or power tools
  6. Ensure projects are completed and delivered before set deadline
  7. Work with tools and materials such as glue, staples, saw, cement, tacks staples and nail guns
  8. Secure work pieces and materials onto production equipment
  9. Conduct routine maintenance of work tools and upholstery machine
  10. Finish jobs by attaching binding, buttons, buckles, zippers, grommets, snaps, lift-a-dots, twist locks, etc.
  11. Operate sewing machine to sew upholstery and join various sections of covering fabric
            1.  5+ years of experience in industrial sewing
            2.  1+ year of experience pattern making (draping method)  and/or 1+ year of experience of architechtural drafting
Upholstery installer
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  1. Stretch webbing and fabric, using webbing stretchers.
  2. Collaborate with interior designers to coordinate furnishing touches.
  3. Maintain records of time required to perform each job.
  4. Pick up and deliver projects.
  5. Repair frames and refinish exposed plastics or metals.
  6. Attach bindings or apply solutions to edges of cut material to prevent raveling.
  7. Attach fasteners, grommets, buttons, buckles, ornamental trim, and other accessories to covers or frames, using hand tools.
  8. Design upholstery cover patterns and cutting plans, based on sketches, customer descriptions, or blueprints.
  9.  Examine finished upholstery to locate defects.
  10.  Fit, install, and secure material on frames, using hand tools, power tools, glue, cement, and/or staples.
    1. 2+ years of experience installing upholstery
    2. Ability to work with power tools required for the job
    3. Ability to lift up heavy seats 
    4.  Ability to work during summer heat and cold winters
    5. Must work in heights up to 24 feet.  

Event Marketer

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  1.  Demonstrate product or service at shows and events.
  2.  Decide which shows/events would benefit company the most.
  3. Use graphics and slideshows during presentation.
  4. Answer questions about product.
  5. Set up booths, including pictures and samples.
  6. Suggest specific product purchases.
  7. Visit specific events to market product.
  8. Collect fees or donations.
  9. Transport and assemble materials.
  10. Recommend product improvements to maker.
  11. Clean up area after completion of event.
  12. Enjoy the job!!!
    1. 2+ years of experience in sales/ demonstration 
    2.  Proficiency with PowerPoint

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