Waist Training Secret

 I recently facebooked a picture of myself wearing a black corset, just like the one Kim Kardashian owns.   As a result I got several compliments and inquiries about this "fabulous" corset which tends to keep my abs tight and helps my everyday posture.

I wear my corset around the house up to 6 hours per day, and 2 hour on my busy days.  I naturally have a curvy body, but I have noticed that when I wear my corset for longer periods of time, my hourglass shape is more dominant.  Since I want you to familiarize yourself with this fabulous piece, I have added pictures of the front and back (below).



You first, loosen the lace in the back as much as you can in order to allow it to fit you body comfortably.  Then, Snap the front, and tighten the back as much as you can, but make sure you don't add too much pressure to your abs.  The shape you desire will come slowly.  
I got this "Waist Cincher Underbust Corset" from Hourglass Angel.  Click here if you want to be directed to their site, and get ready to wear your sexy pieces this summer ladies!!!

Signing out!