The Little Black Dress Event by Dress for Success Hampton Roads 2015

I love to dress up, especially when I attend events sponsored by my best of friends. This time I was invited to the Little Black Dress event sponsored by Dress for Success Hampton Roads, my lovely Debra Dandridge, the co-founder of DFS is my mother figure and has been quite impressive in guiding me to the right career paths, "FASHION".   

To this event, ladies had to wear an LBD and of course I had to choose something that complemented my curves.   I was amazed when I tried this dress on, I love how classy I felt in in.  Considering the embellishment, I felt it had the *pop I was looking for.

When it came to the shoes, I wanted something simple that complemented my LBD.  A stripe of snake skin was visible from the back of the outfit =-) =-) =-) I like to combine neutral pieces with animal printed footwear to create a sharp/ clean look thru offering an effortless look.

On this day, I enjoyed the delicate desserts, red wine, and beautiful new faces.  A couple of dj's who collaborated on this event played the best of today music, and of course, I got on that dance floor!  Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the LBD event held by Dress for Success Hampton Roads Spring 2015.

My lovely Debra Dandridge, co-founder of Dress for Success Hampton Roads

A little modeling at the event =-)
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