Gwen Stefani for Cosmopolitan Wearing Zana Bayne


While looking at Cosmopolitan mag which stood out to me because I love Gwen Stefani, the first thing that came to my mind was "I love what she is wearing."  I thought this piece looked familiar; I remember seeing it in a runway show recently.  I couldn't make up my mind as to where I had seen it at, maybe in my past life! lol.  Then, I see the picture on the right on my facebook page, Zana Bayne!
(Zana Bayne is a very recognized bondage designer. She has dressed the most daring celebrities: Nicky Minaj, Lady Gaga, Madonna and others)

Gwen is wearing this metal start cover over a black lace bodice, which I think looks beautiful and daring.  Contrast is what I love and definitely this outfits makes its statement!  I have posted a couple of Zana Bayne's design in this post.  I am actually very inspired by her technique and probably will make a design of my own...but that's a different post ;-) 

 Below are some examples of her work.